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Top Selling Affiliate DVD Products

Below are the current top selling products offered exclsuively by the Remote Viewing Product affiliate program! New products are always being released to allow our affiliate partners new opporunities to maximize revenue! For a complete list of products, visit If you have any questions, please contact customer service, toll free, at 866-607-8439.

Learn Remote Viewing
Retail Price: $299.99

The Learn Remote Viewing 4-DVD course, by Major Ed Dames, was built entirely from the ground up; utilizing the latest protocols and methods to provide the most effective and comprehensive training program in the world! The proof is in the results.

Learn Technical Dowsing
Retail Price: $179.99

Through modern scientific research and instructional techniques, you can now penetrate the mysteries of military developed dowsing and discover the limitless opportunities for personal growth and acquire the invaluable search and survival ability to find virtually anything you're looking for.

Remote Viewing the Lottery
Retail Price: $99.99

This DVD documentary is hosted by two of Major Ed Dames' students and now trained Remote Viewers; the mother and daughter team, Mary and Cherise Rivera, will walk you through the RV technique they have utilized to win the Texas pick three lottery two times!

Chronos: Unlocking Time
Retail Price: $99.99

Two Remote Viewers, trained by retired military intelligence officer Major Ed Dames, claim to have unlocked the solution to pinpointing dates for predicting near-future events. Discover the shocking secret that Remote Viewers have been using to foresee and prepare for catastrophes, disease outbreaks and more.

RV Geoloc
Retail Price: $99.99

After years of secrecy, these two professional viewers have finally broken their silence and are revealing the Remote Viewing Geoloc technique to the world. With Geoloc, you can embark on the adventure of a lifetime! Locate anything you desire from buried gold and valuable objects to religious artifacts and people's locations!

Viewing the Future
Retail Price: $24.99

Contains the most terrifying future events that Remote Viewers see as imminent and catastrophic. In addition, you will be taken deep inside professional Remote Viewing operations that reveal details surrounding accurately predicted past events including a devastating 9.0 earthquake and recent environmental changes.

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